Thank you for choosing ADaptive Technologies! We don't like surprise costs and we know our clients don't like them either! Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions below:

Support Terms
1. Our support hours are 08:00 – 22:00, Monday- Sunday, 365 days a year.
2. Services are purchased from various providers. We have negotiated specialized access to the ISP systems and technical specialists, in order to get you back up and running faster than any of our competitors. You need to log a fault with us via the channels below.
3. Faults not logged directly via the below channels may not be attended to.
4. Line faults are logged with the ISP and are attended to by the ADSL, fibre, LTE or VOIP provider.

Support Contact Details:
Phone- 011 782 5022 or 079 876 5129
SMS- 079 876 5129


2.         Monthly Fee
1. Our monthly fees are billed in advance, with phone calls being billed in arrears.
2. Support requiring technical intervention may incur an additional labour charge.
3. We offer a fixed fee facility, in order to help clients budget their monthly IT fees better. These come with additional terms and conditions- please get in touch should you want to consider this option.
4. All clients agree to the terms and conditions of our ISPs.

3.      Management Fees
1. For Non-Fixed Fee Clients, we charge a R250 ex VAT management fee. This fee does not cover additional billables (Annexure A) but covers the administration of aforementioned services rendered by ADaptive Technologies. This includes but is not limited to purchasing services in advance, monitoring stability and usage of services, special investigations or monthly or adhoc reports as required by yourself.

4.      Calculation of Call Out Fees and Hardware Charges
1. Fees for professional services to Non-Fixed Fee Clients are calculated on the time spent by our contracted technicians attending to said services, multiplied by the relevant hourly rate of R600 ex VAT.
2. This hourly rate is applied to all work done not covered by the monthly fee.
3. Should you require hardware, software or other repairs that is required immediately to restore services, you agree to the charges. Should the opportunity provide, we will provide you with a quotation for acceptance/ declination.


5.      Quotations
1. We do not charge for assessments and quotation are obligation fee.
2. All quotes accepted are required to have the hardware deposit paid upon confirmation (100% hardware paid). Work will not commence unless the hardware deposit has been paid and the fund have cleared.
3. Quotes are valid for seven days only.
3. Labour on accepted quotes are billed upon completion and are payable upon receipt of the invoice.
4. Fixed Fee Clients are subject to a labour fee on adhoc, quoted work.

6.      Billing Arrangements
1. Invoices for monthly services are issued on the 19th of the month, with services being payable in advance. This invoice is due by the last business day of the month.
2. VOIP calls are charged separately with the billing period running from the 14th-15th of the month. This invoice is payable upon receipt.

3. Labour and hardware are billed with five days of completion and are payable upon receipt of the invoice.
4. We do not work on accounts unless special arrangements have been made with the directors.
5. Any account query is to be logged with our accounts department before month end to avoid suspension of services.

7.      Non-Payment
1. Monthly services are due by the last working day of the month. Unless otherwise arranged, if payments are not received, on the 1st of each month we may immediately stop acting for the you.
2. Suspensions can take up to 48 hours to be lifted. This is ISP dependent and not controlled by ourselves.
3. We reserve the right to request that habitual non or late payers move to debit orders in order to maintain the relationship.

8.      Interest
1. All outstanding monies attract interest monthly at 2% per month.

9.      Debit Orders
1. Debit orders for monthly services run on an agreed-upon date, per the debit order instruction.
2. Debit orders run every five days. Any completed work will be debited at the next run.
3. You may incur more than one debit off your account.

10.  Yearly Increases
1. The Client agrees to an annual fee increase, determined by services inflation.
2. We reserve the right to adjust fixed fee accounts should we find the arrangement is no long viable. This will be done with notice.


11.  Request for Fee Details and Remaining Work Estimate
1. The Service Provider will provide the itemized details of work, fees and costs incurred for work completed, and an estimate of the work, fees and costs payable to complete the project/ job.

12.  Terminations
1. You may terminate adhoc work by giving us a written notice at any time but will be liable for all fees incurred up to that time. If you do not provide such notice, it will be obligated to pay for all work done and other charges incurred.
2. You may terminate monthly work by providing a calendar months’ notice (IE by the last working day of the month). You will be liable for all fees incurred up to that time. If you provide notice at any other time of the month, you shall be obligated to pay for the remainder of the month and the following month fees (if applicable) as we requires a full calendar month as per our ISPs.
3. Some ISP services are on 12 or 24 month contract basis only. We will advise and obtain authorization before installing these services, however you will be held to the term of the contract or subject to a cancellation fee.


13.  Termination by ADaptive Technologies

1.    We may terminate this agreement and stop acting for you if:

           1.1 You do not comply with this agreement

           1.2 We form the opinion, on reasonable grounds, that mutual confidence and trust do not exist between both parties.




We offer the following billable services:

(All services provided on a best-effort basis; no obligation or warranty for services is given by ADaptive Technologies).


1.      Remote Technician or Back-Office Time: We always attempt to resolve issues remotely or via back office. This takes varying amounts of time and skills and is more cost effective than having a technician attend to site. You accept charges for this time.

2.      Onsite Technician Time: Should our technicians or back office not be able to assist remotely; you agree to a call out fee.

3.      Equipment: Equipment is not covered by our monthly fee. Most equipment has a warranty of 3-6 months. Warranties are subject to terms and conditions provided by our suppliers and includes, but is not limited to, lightning strikes, electrical surges, water damage, physical damage, and alterations to the device’s appearance.

4.      Data: If you have a 3G or LTE modem installed – normally for our VoIP telephones –  there is a cost to load the data on the device for you. We charge a flat rate per data load, irrespective of the amount of data loaded. Should you wish to supply your own data, please make contact to discuss the relevant details.

5.      Upgrading of your services: When a service is upgraded from ADSL to Fibre, the ADSL service is cancelled after the Fibre service has been installed, to ensure that Internet is always available. This cancellation can take Telkom up to six weeks or more, and there will be a duplicate charge for both Fibre and ADSL during this period. Liability for the ADSL charge remains with yourself.

6.      Excessive Internet usage: May result in the agreement becoming unsustainable and may incur additional charges. All users are subject to a FUP.