We offer a wide range of services and products to serve your needs, and continuously add new options to improve our service to you. View the terms and conditions of our services here:
Terms & Conditions

We can assist with installations of all connectivity types. While we prefer fibre, we offer other solutions where fibre is not available.

We can also assist with temporary solutions where necessary.

We have a wide range of hardware and software products available to protect your business or home.

This includes anti-virus software suits, camera systems and tracking devices.

Should you require domains, hosting space or emails, we can offer this to you on various platforms.

Our solutions are competitively prices with flexibility .


We can offer a monthly or ad-hoc office management service. This includes general upkeep of hardware, maintenance of IT services such as internet connectivity, VOIP, emails and domain hosting.

These can be done on a "fixed fee" basis or services plus time basis.


We diagnose and repair (where possible) hardware or software issues.

Should it be necessary for a device to be sent in to be repaired for an extended period, we will endeavour to provide you with a temporary solution.
IP Telephony cloud pbx concept, telephone device with illustration icon of voip services and networking data center on background

We can supply you with VoiP systems, as well a HD calling systems.

Along with this, we can supply you with physical phones as well as softphone applications.

We can supply you with software, from operating systems to Office packages and specially designed applications.

We can also assist with installation of client purchased software.


We can offer you a range of biometric solutions for your business.

Our solutions are best suited for medium to large enterprises.


The digital Health Passport is the new COVID19 tracking system to protect the health of your staff.

Linked to a QR code system, the Health Passport manages COVID19 infections by allowing authorised persons to see the COVID19 status of a staff member or client.
We can extend your wifi network in your home or office. No matter the space, we are able to assist. We can also assist with new network setups.

We offer both cabled and wireless options, the best option being reliant on the current setup and physical space.
Health Technology - we can offer a sanitisation system approved by hundreds of independent laboraties around the world.

With protection that lasts up to 30 days, this is the ideal solution for your business.


We can protect your business' removable property with RFID tagging. 

This is managed on an easy to use dashboard by authorised persons.

TraxPrint is a newly developed document protection. 

The system makes use of QR code scanning to ensure the document you are viewing is the original, non-altered version. It is highly customisable.

We can supply you with all hardware, from laptops to firewalls.

Where possible, we can also supply you with refurbished and gently used devices if preferred.


We can assist with neatening or pulling a new network, including server moves and installations. 

Please note that depending on the complexity and potential downtime, these may sometimes take place after hours and weekends.

We can offer you cloud and physical backups, on a weekly, monthly or adhoc basis.

These backups can run remotely, or on-site.